Industry Applications – Chemical

Filtration Group Metal Edge Filter in the manufacturing of FibreGlass PIPES :

Customer decision to select Filtration Group Metal Edge Filter over conventional bag filter/strainer was easily justified over a short period after installation due to the ease of self cleaning and very low maintenance cost.

Background - In the production of Fiberglass Reinforced Thermosetting Plastic ("FRP") Piping – Resin, mixed with a curing agent - namely a Hardener, are sprayed onto the Fiberglass winding on a Pipe Winding machine, afterwhich the pipes are moved into ovens for curing. The Resin and Harderner solutions are first stored in Storage tanks before they are pumped to the Operation Tank for mixing and use.

Filtration Group Metal Edge Filter Type – AF 7131-1241-00000/G1 ( c/w AF 7013-020 – 200 micron) is used to filter the Process Liquid, Epoxy Chemical – One Resin and one Hardener. It is installed between the Storage tanks and the Operation Tank to prevent big particles in the Epoxy Chemical from entering the pump.

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Filter Cartridge - Resin Bonded Series: 

These filter cartridges represents significant advances in Resin Bonded filter cartridges. They offer long on stream life, low media migration, broad chemical compatibility, and the ability to handle a wide range of viscous fluids (>46,000cp).  Typical Market Applications : Adhesives, Varnishes, Oils, Resins, Coatings, Petrochemical.

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Filter Cartridges: MicraTube Cartridges

MicraTube filter cartridges are high efficiency bonded, self-supporting, self gasketing resin bonded microfibre filter cartridges that offer particulate removal in gases and liquids. Designed with the customer in mind, MicraTubes are suitable for use in industrial, medical and instrumentation applications using air, gas or liquid.

MicraTubes are versatile in that they can be used at high pressure, low pressure and under vacuum at temperatures up to 150°C (300°F). Standard MicraTubes use a fluorocarbon binder, giving exceptional chemical resistance.

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Filter Cartridges: MicraMesh Cartridges

MicraMesh filter cartridges are precision made, stainless steel mesh cartridges that offer highly accurate micron filtration for both gas and liquid applications. Each MicraMesh filter cartridge is manufactured to form a rigid high quality cartridge which gives the added bonus that it is re-usable after washing, ultrasonic cleaning or by backflushing. These versatile cartridges offer excellent corrosion resistance and are available in a wide range of micron efficiencies and with exceptionally high open area they offer very low differential pressure loss.

MicraMesh filter cartridges can also withstand high differential pressures which also makes them ideal for high pressure filtration. Micrafilter recommend MicraSteel filters for use with MicraMesh as the filter cartridge is fitted as standard with PTFE end seals which ensures a perfect seal.

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