Industry Applications – Electronics / Semi-Conductor

Filter Cartridge - amaPure series

Melt blown depth filters are state of the art graded pore density filters. Manufactured from FDA approved media, amaPure offers cost effective solutions for applications in the electronics industries. The amaPure HS cartridge is an all polypropylene depth cartridge. The unique, one-step melt blown process is used to create a graded density which improves flow characteristics and increases dirt holding capacity when compared to other polypropylene cartridges. The process thermally bonds the fibres together virtually eliminating media migration. Thermal bonding also eliminates the need for a separate centre core, providing both high collapse strength and enabling easy disposal through incineration.

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Filter Bags - amaFlow series

All amaFlow Filter bags are silicone free and in compliance with FDA regulations for food and beverage, our broad portfolio of bag filters is most common for applications such as pharmaceuticals and electronics. Due to their simplicity and ease of use, amaFlow filter bags are very customer friendly and economical solutions in various filtration applications. amaFlow filter bags are available in needled felt types as well as in woven mesh types to suit your requirements. Special bags are available, for example for high efficiency filtration or treatment of liquids.

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Filter Cartridge - amaGuard series

Pleated polypropylene and microfiberglass filters offer high surface area filtration with absolute ratings for long on stream life. Both filter types utilise state of the art non woven, non releasing media. Offering cost effective alternatives for a wide variety of applications. amaGuard is most commonly used in electronics and pharmaceuticals. The amaGuard PP pleated filter cartridges uses a high quality filter media creating a high performance filter cartridge. The filter medium used in the 0.2 μm rated amaGuard PP is cast polysulphone. The amaGuard PP rated 0.25 μm and above use filter media consisting of a web micro-denier polypropylene fibres produced in a melt blowing process. The web is thermally fused to produce a non-fibre releasing filter medium. The unique design and filter media ensures a high flow, low pressure drops and high dirt load capacity.

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