Industry Applications – Food & Beverages

Filtering of Miscella (Extracted Oil from Soybean and Hexane) to remove crushed extraction material.

Filtration Group Automatic Self-Cleaning filter used in the non-interruptive filtering of Extracted Oil

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Liquid Filter Bag

Suitable for use in filtration of liquids containing higher concentration of coarse solids, batch filtration of various liquids and final filtration or polishing of liquids with extremely low concentrations of solids. amafilter offers different filter bag configurations available in a wide range of materials, surface treatment, seams, seals, and handles. To suit your specific requirements amaFlow filter bags are available in needled felt types as well as in woven mesh types. 

All amaFlow filter bags are silicone free and in compliance with FDA regulations for food and beverage. Due to their simplicity and ease of use, amaFlow filter bags are very customer friendly and economical solutions in various filtration applications.

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