Industry Applications – General Manufacturing

Compressed Air Filters

When compressed air operates your most valuable and productive equipment, you can’t afford to have contamination in the lines. Rid your compressed air system of problem-causing oil aerosols, dirt and pipe scale with Van Air filters. Rugged housings and long-lasting elements give you the best value for your money. They’ll provide dependable filtration to reduce your downtime, maintenance and operating costs. Van Air filters are currently providing these benefits in a wide range of applications.

Just a few include chemical and petrochemical processing, power generation, manufacturing, packaging, blasting and painting. With a variety of models for flows from 15 to 20,000 scfm (at 100 psig) and 10 element grades to remove oil, oil vapors or particulates, Van Air offers the solution to your particular filtration needs. Put Van Air equipment to work and see the difference that clean, trouble-free compressed air makes in your system.

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