Industry Applications – Green Energy

Filters for BioFuel

Pressure Leaf Filters are used in a large number of applications and industries. The emerging industry of producing Biofuels has benefited from the use of pressure leaf filters. The pressure leaf filter is a long proven system of pressure filtration; more than 5000 units have been sold by our Partner - amafilter worldwide. A pressure leaf filter consists of filter leaves each made up from several layers of wire mesh. The inner layer is a coarse mesh for the discharge of the filtrate and support of the outer layers. Due to this unique construction, no deposit of filter-aid particles or impurities is possible inside the filter leaf as there is a constant flow in the coarse mesh and inside the tubular frame. A minimum pressure drop inside the leaves is guaranteed even at high filtration rates. The amafilter design has been improved continuously over the last 50 years

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Wind Power Systems - Oil filter module for gearboxes and lubrication systems: Pi 8300—compact and ready to connect

For gearbox oil maintenance (main and auxiliary flow), and for lubrication systems in wind power systems, Filtration Group has developed an innovative, compact oil filter module that permanently increases the cost-effectiveness and durability of the hydraulic and gearbox aggregates. The system consists of a filter block with an electric motor, gear pump, filter housing with a highefficiency 2-stage filter element, pressure-limiting valve, return check valve, and maintenance indicator. It is available in two variants, with volume flow rates of 110 L/min. and 220 L/min.

Complete oil filter module - In combination with an oil cooler, the oil filter module Pi 8300 ensures optimal filtration and oil cooling in a complete system, for low-wear, easy-to-maintain operation of gearboxes used in wind power systems.

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Stainless Steel Duplex Filters for Filtering Cooling water in production of Solar mulitcrystalline wafer

The Duplex filter housing is fitted with two numbers of 25 micron filter element which are contructed with full stainless steel material. The design of the filter elements maximise the filtering area and minimise the pressure drop across them, resulting in higher dirt holding capacity of the elements and a longer and smoother medium flow. This is a cost effective solution as the element is made of cleaneable wire mesh media and since the Filter is Duplex in nature, changing and cleaning of the contaminated element can be done simply by swtiching the changeover valve without interrupting the flow of the cooling water.

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