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Filtering of feedstock in Refinery

The catalysts used in many of today’s processes for hydrocracking, hydrodesulfurizing and hydrotreating are designed for longer service life, requiring more effective removal of solids from the feedstock to avoid premature and expensive replacements due to plugging. The cost of replacing a catalyst load is expensive, often as much as twenty to thirty times the price of an effective tubular filter system. 4000 Series tubular backwash filters, ASME Code designed and stamped, provide cost effective continuous protection for the life of catalytic reactors. The ProGuard Filtration System is designed for high temperature, high pressure critical refinery applications where low maintenance, continuous operations are a necessity.

Tubular backwashable filters are designed to remove solids from liquids by capturing the solids on a permanent reusable filter element. At a predetermined pressure differential, the system reverses flow through each filter element in the system, one element at a time, while the other elements continue filtering to provide continuous operation. Tubular backwash systems are specified by process licensors for feed stocks such as gas oil, coker gas oil and heavy resids. Additional applications of the 4000 Series filters include clarification of a broad range of distillates, amine, glycol, synthetic heating oils and finished products.

The 4000 Series filter is usually custom designed by engineering specifications. The filter can be readily modified to accommodate special components and accessories, to meet plant design standards or other customer requirements.

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Seawater Injection & Well Injection Chemicals in Oil and Gas Production : Pre and Final Filtration in Refinery Processes

High flow cartridge housing designed fo use with trapper HF series high flow cartridges

The HF series high flow, single and multiple cartridge filter housings have been designed specifically for high output while occupying only a small footprint area. Housings can be constructed in either a horizontal or vertical orientation depending on the availability of space.

The standard horizontal configuration of this housing minimizes pressure drop and makes cartridge element change-outs much easier. Typical markets for the HF series filter housings include:food & beverage, chemical, refinery processes, oil & gas, water filtration, pulp & paper, metal finishing and power generation.

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Duplex Filter Housings for particulate removal and coalescing liquid from the dry seal gas stream in compressors and turbines 

Dry seals for compressors and turbines require clean, dry gas to maintain seal integrity and ensure ongevity. Gas seal support systems as specified in API-614 require filters and sometimes water-removing coalescers to ensure gas quality to the seals. For critical seal gas filtration, the ideal arrangement is to have “duplex” filters. In the duplex configuration, there is always one filter on-line filtering and/or “drying” the gas, even when the other filter element is being replaced.
To achieve a duplex filter arrangement, some manufacturers of the seal gas system resort to piping a pair of single filter housings together with a network of ball valves to achieve a duplex arrangement.  The operation of the dual simplex arrangement as described is cumbersome and potentially risky. In many cases, it is possible to shut off all the flow to the seals if the incorrect valves are closed.

The solution to the confusing piping and potentially hazardous operation is the HILCO Dry Seal Gas Duplex housings. These vessels incorporate the valves and filters into one package
which is easy and foolproof to assemble. The duplex filters eliminate the need for several diverter valves and save space on the seal gas skid. Also, because there is only a single valve
to actuate, there is no chance flow can be shut off to the seals.

Dry Seal Gas Integral Duplex Filters simplify piping and operation of the duplex filter arrangement. Duplex housings incorporate valves and filters into one assembly. HILCO gaseous fuel filters are available in simplex design and in duplex arrangements for continuous operation. The filters are specifically designed for gas turbine systems with high pressure, high flow rate, and minimal dirt load.

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Filter / Separator for Natural Gas Filtration : Forward Flow Wet Gas Filter/Separator with Vane mist eliminator for Natural Gas Filtration

The Nowata Filter Separator for Wet Gas removes particles of dust, dirt, sand and pipe scale plus liquids, including water, natural gas liquids, and light hydrocarbons. Standard cartridges used with this unit are the Nowata NFG36 or NFG336 filter cartridges. This housing is a two-stage construction with cartridges and mist eliminator. Choose the vertical configuration for low-volume applications or the horizontal configuration for high-volume applications. Horizontal units offer separate lower sump for liquids collection. Custom instrumentation and automation is also offered for this housing. Not intended for the exclusive removal of oil aerosols.

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