Industry Applications – Pharmaceutical

Disposable Cartridges: MicraSorb Disposable Cartridges

Gases are employed as "invisible helpers" in most areas of the Pharmaceutical industry. Such areas include many processes in the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and pharmaceuticals. This also includes R&D, as well as production and quality control.

Point of use filtration for gas analysis in the laboratory is becoming more important as today's demands are becoming more stringent. Micrafilter products are specially designed to help protect valuable analysis and control equipment from particulate and moisture in a laboratory environment, which in turn helps to prolong the life of the most sensitive active components. This not only saves on on-going service costs but also ensures consistent, contamination free results are obtained eliminating rejects and the need for repeat analysis.

MicraSorb disposable vapour cartridges are ideally suited for the removal of trace extraneous vapours that are present in gas analyser samples. They are also often used in sample filtration. Highly flexible, they are suitable for the removal of vapour contamination in laboratory applications and the clean up of instrument or actuator air supplies.

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Disposable Cartridges: MicraDif Disposable Cartridges

MicraDif disposable filter cartridges are typically used to protect gas analysers and other types of sensitive instrumentation from particulate contamination. They are also often used in sample filtration.

These low cost disposable filter cartridges are highly adaptable and can be used in many other compressed air, vacuum or liquid applications. Each MicraDif filter cartridge contains a permanently sealed MicraTube which are available in five grades of efficiency depending upon the application.

The MicraDif cartridge is designed to push fit into flexible tubing for vacuum and low pressure applications or fit pipe couplings for higher pressure applications.

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Stainless Steel Filters: MicraSteel 100 barg Filters - Filtration of Gases and Liquids in ciritical applications

Micrafilter filter cartridges offers significant advantages for the protection of chemical processes due to their inert and unique construction which allows them to be used in aggressive and challenging environments. Unlike other filter cartridges, Micrafilter technology is extremely chemically resistant meaning that it can be used with aggressive substances such as those found in the chemical industry.

MicraSteel 100 barg filters have been designed and manufactured for high efficiency filtration of gases and liquids in critical applications including filtration of high purity bottled gas, protection of precison in-line valves and equipment and high pressure of vacuum filtration. Manufactured from solid steel bar stocks they can be used in the pressure range from full vacuum to 100 barg (1500 psig).

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