Industry Applications – Precision Engineering

Filtering and Purifying of Machining Coolant used in the machining of Metal drill parts for Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Filtration Group Fully Automatic Self-Cleaning filter AF 7243-221-30200G4 c/w stainless steel 60 micron element used in conjunction with a Oil Skimmer to form a Mobile Machining Coolant Purifier. The Mobile Purifier is mobilised to purify the coolant in several Machining centres of this customer which produce drilling parts for the Offshore Oil & Gas industry.

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Filtering of Coolant Abrasive Oil in the Grinding of camshafts with contaminants such as steel turnings and abrasive grit

In addition, to remain competitive, companies must use all the available potential to raise their productivity. For this reason, production processes are increasingly being automated. The capacity of machines and plants should be utilized fully. However, they can run 24/7 only if certain requirements are fulfilled. In order to comply with the high quality requirements for the workpieces to be manufactured, working fluids must be treated and regenerated. Product media must satisfy the requirements exactly and high safety requirements for plants and processes must be maintained.  Furthermore, maintenance and disposal activities must not interfere with or interrupt plant operation.

Filtration Group Duplex Filter and Automatic Self-Cleaning filter are installed precisely for the continuos operation of machine centres to support factory in achieiving optimum output for their production.

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Filtering of Coolant for Inner cooling of tools in Machine Centre processing Aluminium parts

Filtration Group Automatic Self-Cleaning filter used in the non-interruptive filtering of Coolant in machine centre for machining of aluminium parts, namely - drilling, turning andmilling.

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Filtering of Coolant for Inner cooling of tools in Machine Centre for grinding of Gray Cast Iron

Filtration Group Automatic Self-Cleaning filter AF 17363-1321-41220-3877/G1 used as Primary filter in conjunction with Central band filter (100 μm) as secondary filter in the non-interruptive filtering of Coolant in the machining of Gray cast iron.

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Effective separation of Oil Mist
For oil aerosol separation in metalworking, which are especially challenging, we provide our customers with solutions that are optimized for their technical application. The compact, reliable, and easy-touse filter systems stand out for their extremely economical service life. They exceed all requirements for air quality in workspaces and permissible exhaust air contamination.
Filtration Group oil mist separator The LGA 600 oil mist separator is used for decentralized extraction of oil mists on machine tools. It is suitable for non water-miscible cooling lubricants, like cutting oil, grinding oil and bore oil. Oil mists are extracted out of the processing area ofthe machine tools. The oil-laden air stream flows through the coalescer element from the inside to the outside. The oil is deposited on the fiber fleece when flowing through the filter. In this process the smallest droplets of oil are brought together to form larger drops – they "coalesce". The oil collects on the casing floor and is re-channeled to the cooling lubricant collection tank of the machine tool via the oil discharge hose. The cleaned air flow is extracted with a high pressure fan and blown off above through a sound suppressor.

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Effective Removal of Dust from Machining Centre for processing of gray cast iron

Dry processing offers clear advantages for processing gray cast iron, annealed hot-work tool steels and brass. For example, processing gray cast iron generates a mixture of short chips and a significant proportion of fine dust. To keep the dust level of the machine and the environment to a minimum, it must be extracted via suitable capture fixtures.

The size of the machine determines whether fine dust and chips will be captured separately or whether they will be captured together. In this regard primarily the highly abrasive effect of the chips must be taken into consideration.

Filtration Group dedusting devices for machine tools are designed in such a manner that large chips are effectively separated in the inflow area. Maximum filter element service life is achieved through optimized flow channeling. All parts subject to wear can be replaced simply and cost-effectively.

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