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Air Oil Separators»

 Oil injected screw compressors dominate the modern compressed air supply.

Oil separator elements have proved themselves for years within this application. In combination with an appropriate selection of intake air cleaners and oil filters they ensure high-quality compressed air with long service life and low maintenance costs.


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Inline Filters»

Van Air offers a wide range of filter housing designs to match the flow, pressure, and performance requirements of virtually any application.

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Filter Elements»

Rid your compressed air or gas system of harmful oil aerosols, oil vapors, dirt, and pipe scale with Van Air filter elements. Van Air is the original manufacturer of 10 grades of filter elements for particulate removal, oil aerosol coalescing, and vapor absorbing applications.


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OEM Filter Elements»

We offer premium quality replacement filter elements to meet OEM specifications. All replacement elements are manufactured to the most stringent standards and tested for conformity.

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Oil Water Separators»

Under the Clean Water Act, it is illegal to drain oily compressed air system condensate into the ground or waterways. Violators of this act may face stiff fines and even jail terms - no slap on the wrist. In addition, many lenders are requiring environmental audits before granting loans to companies or allowing ownership transfers.

Van Air oil/water separators are designed to separate the oil from compressed air condensate, including that discharged from after-coolers, separators, drop legs, coalescing filters, and compressed air dryers. Van Air oil/water separators rely on a simple principal - that oil floats on water. To verify that our method of operation will work in your application, take a sample of your condensate from the location where you are considering installing the oil/water separator. Put the sample in a clear jar. The following day, check whether most of the oil has risen to the top. If it has, Van Air has the solution for you. (If the oil has not risen to the top of the jar, you may have an emulsion and one option is to change to a different lubricant in your compressor.)

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Van Air mini-dryers supply a -40°F pressure dew point and are ideal for pneumatic equipment or instruments that require small volumes (up to 4 scfm at 100 psig) of extremely dry compressed air or gas. Van Air offers two types of desiccant cartridges. 

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