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Dust Collectors Unit»

Dust Collectors are mainly used in application as below :

- Process Gas Filtration: Dryers, Kilns, Reactors
- Product Collection: Air Conveying, Size Reduction, Classifying
- Nuisance Venting: Bulk Material Handling

Our offer - Filtration Group dust collectors are superior in their compact design, minimal energy consumption, long filter cartridge service life, and low noise level. The dust collector must not take up too much space, especially in interior installations. The use of star-pleated filter cartridges means that a very large filter surface can be placed in the tightest of spaces. In order to improve flow ratios and thus performance, Filtration Group has developed conical filter cartridges, among other products.

Years of experience with star-pleated filter cartridges are the basis of filter design at Filtration Group for many applications. Areas of application include aspiration for pneumatic transport, silo ventilation, mixer and mill top filters, central equipment and workstation extraction systems, and extraction in bagging and packaging systems. High-quality filter media, combined with a cleaning system tuned to the filter cartridges, form the foundation for these products.

Reliable dust removal requires all components to be tuned to one another. Since dust properties can vary a great deal and depend on parameters such as dust fineness, bulk density, adhesion and agglomeration properties, or moisture, they are difficult to estimate theoretically. That's why technical experiments and practical experience are crucial at Filtration Group for reliably testing dust filter concepts and their operational reliability.


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Dust Filter Catridges»

Star-pleated Filtration Group dust filter cartridges are used to separate dust from air and gases in nearly all branches of industry.

The consistently high quality of Filtration Group dust filter cartridges is ensured by regular, extensive performance checks on production materials. In addition, application tests are conducted on our test benches in the development lab and on site in our systems. These results allow existing products and production methods to be improved and new ones to be developed.

Filtration Group provides a wide range of high-end solutions: for example, for filtration of gas turbine intake air, for product separation in production or transport processes, or in sample gas filtration. Materials with FDA approval are used in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

The conical geometry of Filtration Group filter cartridges has advantages over cylindrical designs. Filtration performance is about 30% greater for the same filter surface. This has been confirmed in long-term operation. The reason lies in a considerable reduction of the upward stream speed near the lower end cap. This allows an even closer arrangement of the filter cartridges to be arranged even more closely, and thereby creating a more compact form. The de-dusting action is significantly improved, especially for light dusts, since they can sediment better. The conical design also provides greater mechanical strength and differential pressure resistance.

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Dust Collector Cleaning Units »

Two optimized cleaning systems are available for star-pleated filter cartridges: the Filtration Group rotation air nozzle and the multi-jet nozzle. The unique technical details of these components are based on our many years of practical experience and extensive development testing. 

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Dust Filter Bags»

Customised and economically effective filter bags, from woven and felted fabrics with sewn or welded seams, are carefully constructed using computerized equipment. They suit all styles of dust & fume filters and are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and chemical attack.

Our aim is to create a safe, clean environment. We understand that each bag house system is different and will help you select a fabric filter best suited for your application.

Key Features and Benefits

• All types and sizes
• Consistent quality
• Wide range of materials
• Cages and accessories
• Local technical support"

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Gas Turbine Air Intake Filter»

To minimize wear, intake air must be filtered for gas turbines and large diesel engines. Cleanable filter systems that work on low differential pressure are required for temporary peak dust levels as they occur in desert areas for example. Filtration Group supplies star-folded filter elements and cleaning systems for these filter systems which are often huge.

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Filter Material of Dust Filter Cartridge - not for sale as raw material»

Filtration Group offers a wide selection of filter materials for dust filter cartridges. This ensures that the right solution can be found for almost any application.

Special filter materials with web coatings, PTFE membranes, or meltblown microfiber fleece guarantee cost-optimized and reliable, long-term operation of de-dusting systems.

Materials with FDA approval are available for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

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Customised Solutions»

Our Partner in the Dust Filtration field has the technology knowhow to develop customized filter cartridges optimally tailored to customer requirements. These jointly developed solutions are subject to strict customer confidentiality, which we adhere to very stringently.

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