Products - Dust Collector Cleaning Units

Cleaning unit MJD: for dust cartridges up to Ø 328 mm

The Filtration Group (Formerly MAHLE Industrial Filtration) cleaning system MJD is a very cost and cleaning efficient jet pulse cleaning system for dust filtration units. By a aimed air flow with the optimized multi-jet nozzle, we can reach a regular cleaning over the whole length of the cartridge. The cleaning system is available for the different cartridge diameter in optimized sizes. Depending on the application the cleaning system (MJD) is available in aluminium/steel zinc plated, as the standard or stainless steel, as a special version.

In relation with the Filtration Group (Formerly MAHLE Industrial Filtration) cartridge the multi-jet cleaning system (MJD) is providing a very efficient and economic solution for a lot of applications. The optimized multi-jet nozzle (MJD), comparing to the conventional nozzle or jet pipe, shows huge advantages. The advantages are given in the noise reduction (up to 8 dB), energy efficiency and cleaning efficiency. Thereby you go easy on environment and the live time of the cartridges will increase considerable.


  • Extremely effective
  • Extreme energy efficiecy
  • Uniform cleaning
  • Optimized cleaning efficiency in the upper and bottom part of the cartridge
  • Versions for both the untreated and cleaned gas sides
  • Compatible to the Rotating Wing (G1 valve)
  • Low noise level
  • Minimal consumption of comressed air due of the optimised nozzle geometry
  • Worldwide distribution