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Sheet and Panel Filters»

Media rolls and pads

Media rolls can be conveniently used as pre-filters or pads to protect ducting and machines from large particles, among other applications. They should be changed regularly to keep dust and dirt from decreasing the air flow and thereby increasing energy consumption, or to avoid damage to your system.


Need a G4 panel filter with M1 fire classification, one highly resistant to humidity, or one that is lightweight? The AeroPleat family has a solution meeting every need.


The 30/30® has been setting the standard for pleated G4 panels for a long time. The product has a very low pressure drop throughout its lifetime and is consequently a very low-energy filter. For guaranteed G4 performance, 30/30® is the right choice.

Fan Coil Filters

When was the last time you changed the filters protecting the heating and cooling coils in your ventilation system? Camfil Farr supplies fan coil filters in many sizes and filter classes.


Not enough room for a compact or bag filter, but still looking for a premium efficiency product? The EcoPleat panel filter has been designed for you. EcoPleat comes with the option of a cardboard, plastic or metal frame.

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Bag Filters»

Bag filters glass fibre media

Hi-flo bag filters with glass fibre media are the best performed air filters according to particle efficiency during it´s life time. Hi-Flo adapts to a low initial and average pressure drop to minimise the energy consumption. All Hi-Flo bag filters are tested and approved according to worldwide air filter standards.

Bag filters synthetic media

Bag filter - 2 in one solution (IAQ)

City-Flo XL is the all new filter with particle- and molecular filtration in the same media. This unique filter media has a very low initial and average pressure drop during it´s life time. Several worldwide standards requires this kind of solution in urban and heavy traffic areas.


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Hepa Ulpa Filters»

Panel filters

Filters for facilities requiring fresh and ultra-clean air to protect against contamination and costly spoilage, such as cleanrooms and factories for semiconductor manufacturing, the food and beverage industry and pharmaceutical producers.

Compact Hepa Filter

Filters for facilities requiring fresh and ultra-clean air to protect against contamination and costly spoilage, where high airflow is needed (up to 5000 m³/h). The filter are used for clean environment, like food and beverage industry, pharma producers, incl. different frame materials, gaskets etc.

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