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City-Flo XL

Camfil Farr’s City-Flo XL is a new IAQ air filter developed to upgrade indoor air quality according to the European standard EN13779:2007. The filter effectively removes both odours and particles.


  • Combined particle and molecular filter
  • Low intial pressure drop
  • Newly developed conical pocket design
  • Diecast, stable and aerodynamically designed header frame


More information:

City-Flo XL is built on the same concept as the Hi-Flo XL series and its unique filter media and plastic frame. The glass-fibre and carbon media, a proprietary Camfil Farr development, has a very low initial pressure drop leading to good filter economy and efficient removal of dust, particles and odours.

City-Flo XL is easy to install in new and existing installations. It can replace standard particle filters without any change to the application.

City-Flo XL is an excellent air filter to improve IAQ in:

  • Office buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Schools and other public buildings situated in urban areas with heavy traffic

City-Flo XL is also highly efficient at filtering ozone and is Eurovent-certified.


Filter type: Particulate and molecular filter
Frame: Diecast plastic frame
Filter media: Fibreglass and carbon with broad spectrum
Filter class EN779:2002: F7
Temperature: 0-50°C in continuous operation
Air humidity: 70% RH max