Products - Bag Filters

Hi-Flo M-Series

Camfil Farr’s Hi-Flo M filters incorporate high-lofted air-laid micro-fibre glass media to ensure reliable efficiency over the entire lifetime of the filters.


  • Laminarity better than +/- 20%
  • Large surface area
  • Save energy - optimised design (LCC)
  • Comprehensive range of standard sizes
  • Controlled media spacing (CMS)
  • Certified performance


More information:

Hi-Flo M offer high-efficiency ASHRAE-grade filtration to address today’s indoor air quality problems. Hi-Flo M remove contaminants such as fumes, smoke, bacteria, fungi and virus-bearing droplet nuclei and are filters of choice for removing nuisance contaminants such as pollens, paper dust and other impurities.

Equipped with high-quality filter material, with small fibre diameter and uniform lofting, Hi-Flo M and X guarantee consistent and reliable submicron particle capture throughout their lifetime. Synthetic micro-mesh media backing ensures media protection and support in turbulent or varying air flows.

Key features of Hi-Flo M and X

  • Particle-capture performance and filter configuration are unaffected by dust loading and/or humidity.
  • Controlled media spacing to minimize pocket-to-pocket contact, ensuring uniform air flow and full utilization of the media area.
  • Optimized design of the pocket stitching for improved energy efficiency and lower life cycle costs.
  • Pre-filtration is not needed

These features result in the lowest life cycle product cost for your application. Your selection of the length and number of pockets should be based upon the required air flow through the system.

Hi-Flo M and X are Eurovent-certified and P-marked filters.


Application: Air conditioning applications.
Type: Extended surface multi pocket bag filter.
Case: Galvanised steel.
Media: Glass Fibre.
EN 779:2002 efficiency: F6 (55-65%), F7 (80-85%), F8/9 (90-95%).
Eurovent 4/5 efficiency: EU6, EU7, EU8.
Recommended final pressure drop: 450 Pa (suggested economical change point 250Pa).
Temperature: 70°C maximum in continuous service.
Holding frames: Front and side access housings and frames are available, Type 8, Type L, and FC Housings.