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S-Flo W U series

Camfil Farr’s S-Flo filter offers high-efficiency filtration with a synthetic fibre material. Designed for use in air conditioning applications, the filter removes contaminants such as fumes, smoke, bacteria, fungi and virus-bearing droplet nuclei.


  • Multi-pocket bag filter
  • Comprehensive range of standard sizes
  • Robust metal header frame
  • Unique pocket design
  • Large surface area
  • Controlled media spacing (CMS)


More information:

S-Flo features an optimized design of the pocket manufacture – controlled media spacing – allowing for the lowest possible resistance to air flow throughout the lifetime of the filter. This feature, together with the same rigid frame design as all Camfil Farr bag filters, and an extended filter surface, makes S-Flo the number-one choice in the market for economy bag filters.

S-Flo includes a melt-blown synthetic media that provides critical capture of particles as small as 0.3 micron. The media incorporates a uniform high loft to provide a lower resistance to air flow than comparable high-efficiency air filters.

Key features of S-Flo:

  • Lightweight scrim media backing ensuring protection of the media and preventing media erosion.
  • Stronger than conventional media, the S-Flo can withstand the rigours of turbulent air flow common in certain industrial applications.
  • Performance and configuration are unaffected by dust loading or humidity. S-Flo may also be used in industrial applications involving chemicals that may be hostile to other types of filters.
  • Applications include commercial buildings, medical facilities and industrial manufacturing facilities. S-Flo is also the filter of choice for the food and beverage industry and the removal of nuisance contaminants such as pollens, paper dust and other atmospheric impurities

S-Flo is a Eurovent-certified filter.


Application: Air conditioning applications.
Type: Extended surface multi pocket bag filter.
Case: Galvanised steel.
Media: Synthetic Fibres.
EN 779:2002 efficiency: F6 (55-65%), F7 (80-85%), F8 (90-95%).
Eurovent 4/5 efficiency: EU6, EU7, EU8.
Recommended final pressure drop: 450 Pa (suggested economical change point 250 Pa).
Temperature: 70°C maximum in continuous service.
Holding frames: Front and side access housings and frames are available, Type 8, Type L, and FC Housings.