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Megalam ME

With low outgassing media that is chemically resistant, hydrophobic and durable, Camfil Farr’s Megalam ME filter has been developed specifically for the most demanding high efficiency filtration applications (ULPA grade).


  • Very high efficiency
  • High mechanical strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • No outgassing


Application: Very high efficiency final filter for clean environments and LAF benches.
Type: ULPA filter.
Frame: Extruded anodised aluminium.
Media: e PTFE (Teflon).
Separator: Hot-melt beads.
Sealant: Polyurethane.
Gasket: Half round continuous expanded polyurethane.
EN 1822 efficiency: U15
MPPS efficiency: > 99.9995%
Maximum air flow rate: See table, use nominal values otherwise a reduction in efficiency may occur.
Temperature: 70°C maximum in continuous service.
Test: 100% individually scanned in accordance with EN 1822.
Mounting system: Ceiling mounted grid systems, terminal housings and clean devices.
More information

The Megalam ME filter combines a unique media with the most sophisticated pleat technology to achieve the best performance results, as required in microelectronic and production, food processing and many more critical applications.

The media offers high tensile strength and is resistant to damage during shipping, handling, installation and application. The media is also chemically resistant, hydrophobic and will not shed. Media pack depths of 1.77” (45 mm) and 2.67” (68 mm) are available to suit a wide variety of air flow requirements.

Megalam ME features:

Media formed into uniform pleats using Camfil Farr’s patented ClosePleat™ manufacturing technology. The media area is optimized for maximum air flow and media configuration losses are minimized.

The construction materials are free of boron, phosphorus and any other dopants. These properties are especially important in applications where outgassing has the potential to reduce process yields, such as in semiconductor manufacturing facilities.

A heavy-duty, extruded anodized aluminium frame is used to ensure a rugged and durable filter. Camfil Farr's polyurethane gasket on standard models ensures a leak-free seal. A media pack is sealed within the frame using CamPure ultra-low outgassing polyurethane sealant.

Additional configuration options, including knife-edge and gel seal, are available.