Products – Compressed Gas Filters

Gas Coalescing Filter Cartridges»

Both the Nowata PGR Gas Coalescing Filter Cartridge and the Nowata VGR Gas Coalescing Filter Cartridge are compressed air coalescer and particulate removal filters. They will remove over 99.99% of oil and water aerosols from air and gas streams. Nowata PGR Cartridges have a Stainless Steel shel...

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Aluminium Filters: MicraGold Filters»

MicraGold is a comprehensive range of filters that are specifically designed for the removal of oil, water and particulate from compressed air or gas streams. The precision machined aluminium filters are anodized in a distinctive gold colour to give complete corrosion protection.  Suitable for...

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Filter Cartridges: MicraMesh Cartridges»

MicraMesh filter cartridges are precision made, stainless steel mesh cartridges that offer highly accurate micron filtration for both gas and liquid applications. Each MicraMesh filter cartridge is manufactured to form a rigid high quality cartridge which gives the added bonus that it is re...

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