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Disposable Cartridges: MicraDif Disposable Cartridges

MicraDif disposable filter cartridges are typically used to protect gas analysers and other types of sensitive instrumentation from particulate contamination.  They are also often used in sample filtration.

These low cost disposable filter cartridges are highly adaptable and can be used in many other compressed air, vacuum or liquid applications. Each MicraDif filter cartridge contains a permanently sealed MicraTube which are available in five grades of efficiency depending upon the application.

The MicraDif cartridge is designed to push fit into flexible tubing for vacuum and low pressure applications or fit pipe couplings for higher pressure applications.


  • MicraDif filter cartridges feature a transparent body for easy observation of filter performance.
  • A low cost unit, MicraDif filter cartridges are very economical and easy to dispose.
  • Five grades of efficency are available which means that our customers can select the correct grade for their application.