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Disposable Cartridges: MicraSorb Disposable Cartridges

MicraSorb disposable vapour cartridges are ideally suited for the removal of trace extraneous vapours that are present in gas analyser samples. They are also often used in sample filtration.

Highly flexible, they are suitable for the removal of vapour contamination in laboratory applications and the clean up of instrument or actuator air supplies.


  • MicraSorb disposable vapour cartridges feature a transparent body for easy monitoring of filtration performance.
  • Highly flexible, MicraSorb is available in six filtration grades depending on the type of gas removal required which means that our customers always have ultimate choice and flexibility.
  • MicraSorb disposable vapour cartridges boast a sealed body to contain contamination giving peace of mind to our customers.
  • MicraSorb filter cartridges are a low cost unit offering an economic filtration solution to our customers.