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Filter Cartridges: MicraLescer Cartridges

MicraLescer filter cartridges are self-supporting, flurocarbon resin bonded, glass microfibre filter cartridges. They are specially designed to coalesce liquid droplets, which makes them ideal for use in gas and some liquid applications. Typical applications of MicraLescer filter cartridges include two-phase separation, for example, oil and water aerosol from gases, oil from water and water from oil.

The recommended direction of flow is from inside to out through the cartridge, which allows the outer layer to drain liquids from the filter by gravitational means.

To meet customer requirement, stainless steel support cores are available upon request.


  • MicraLescer filter cartridges offer removal of sub-micron liquid droplets from gases to ensure protection of downstream equipment.
  • Boasting an integral drainage layer, MicraLescer cartridges ensure that liquid contaminants are retained and subsequently removed via the drain assembly.
  • Part numbers are clearly marked on each MicraLescer filter cartridge to ensure easy and precise product identification.
  • MicraLescer filter cartridges contain no metal or plastic parts and are made from borosilicate glass microfibre, which can be easily crushed for disposal.