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Filter Cartridges: MicraTube Cartridges

MicraTube filter cartridges are high efficiency bonded, self-supporting, self gasketing resin bonded microfibre filter cartridges that offer particulate removal in gases and liquids.

Designed with the customer in mind, MicraTubes are suitable for use in industrial, medical and instrumentation applications using air, gas or liquid. MicraTubes are versatile in that they can be used at high pressure, low pressure and under vacuum at temperatures up to 150°C (300°F).

Standard MicraTubes use a fluorocarbon binder, giving exceptional chemical resistance.


  • MicraTubes are manufactured using high strength borosilicate glass microfibre which can be used in aggressive and challenging environments. MicraTubes can also be crushed for easy disposal.
  • MicraTubes are self-gasketing which means that they self-seal against the filter. There is no need for plastics or rubber and therefore less consumables and more cost effective disposal.
  • Part numbers are clearly marked on each MicraTube filter cartridge to ensure easy and precise product identification.