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Gas Filter Housings - GW & GE Series - Filter/Separator for Wet Gas

NOWATA GW SERIES - vertical housing configuration.
NOWATA GE SERIES - horizontal housing configuration.

Forward Flow Wet Gas Filter/Separator with Vane Mist Eliminator for Particulate and Mist Removal.

The Nowata Filter Separator for Wet Gas removes particles of dust, dirt, sand and pipe scale plus liquids, including water, natural gas liquids, and light hydrocarbons. Standard cartridges used with this unit are the Nowata NFG36 or NFG336 filter cartridges. This housing is a two-stage construction with cartridges and mist eliminator. Choose the vertical configuration for low-volume applications or the horizontal configuration for high-volume applications. Horizontal units offer separate lower sump for liquids collection. Custom instrumentation and automation is also offered for this housing. Not intended for the exclusive removal of oil aerosols.