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Intake Filters of Blowers and Compressors»

      3 types of Intake Filters of Blowers & Compressors:

  • Intake Filter Assemblies : F Series: It has a durable weatherproof housings and ample surface area which provides long lasting filtration. Stainless steel filter assemblies are available.
  • Exposed/Open Inlet Filters : FT Series: This is a very cost effective filtration solution. Element is exposed for optimal airflow and minimal pressure drop.
  • Miniature Inlet Filters : CSS Series: These closed system straight through miniature inlet filters have a unique "hockey puck" style filter element that maximizes surface area over its given size. They are also used as breathers or bleed in filters.
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Inlet Filter Silencers for Blowers and Compressors»

       4 types of Inlet Filter Silencers for Blowers & Compressors:

  • Standard Inlet Filter Silencers which is the standard for inletfiltration and silencing, it is an integrated reactive design withmultiple tubes. Stainless steel, epoxy coated and ATEX certifiedassemblies are available on request.
  • Premium Inlet Silencer Filters to reduce the footprint of PD blower packages. The 2G series is designed with an integrated reactive/absorptive silencing technology that incorporates sound absorbing material, noise deadening and multiple silencing tubes. The QB series uses a reactive silencing design. Stainless steel assemblies are available on request.
  • Miniature Filter Silencers - These miniature compressor inlet filter silencers have a unique "hockey puck" style filter element that maximizes surface area over its given size. Commonly used on the inlet of compressors, they are also used as breathers or bleed in filters.
  • Lateral Access Filter Silencers : Solberg's Lateral Access Filter Silencers, help make enclosures feasible and simplifies the maintenance process. The side access port allows sound enclosure's overall height and cost to be reduced.
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Silencers for Blowers and Compressors»

We offer Absorptive Silencers in the form of the SLCR and SLCRT Series'. These Absorptive silencers reduce unwanted noise on the inlet of regenerative blowers. Also available is the Compact Exhaust Filter Silencers - the EFS Series: these Dry vacuum pumps discharge noise and tip seal dust, Solbergs' Exhaust Filter Silencer captures this dust while muffling unwanted discharge noise. The housing offers an unique integrated diffuser inlet connection.

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Inlet Vacuum Pump Filters»

       5 types of Inlet Vacuum Pump Filters:

  • Inlet Vacuum Filters - L-Style CSL Series is designed for the inlet of vacuum pumps. The housings are vacuum tight for maximum equipment performance. Stainless steel, epoxy coated and ATEX certified assemblies are available on request.
  • Compact Inlet Vacuum Filters T-Style: The ST and CT Series are compact inlet vacuum filters designed for easy element access. Captured particulate drops to the bottom bucket eliminating possible system contamination. The ST Series has a see-through bucket for easy visual inspections. The CT Series has a durable carbon steel bucket for harsh environments.
  • Clamp-Style Vacuum Filters: The VS and VL Series offers heavy duty vacuum filters in a compact design. It is available in both a "L" and a straight through configuration. For extreme duty environments, an extended housing design is available for additional holding capacity. Stainless steel models are also available.
  • Pressure/Vacuum Filters : FST Series: These inlet "L" style filters are designed for both pressure and vacuum applications and a variety of applications. A quick retrofit converts the filter for remote piping or extreme duty environments.
  • Lateral Access Pressure/Vacuum Filters : The IVPL and IVPS Series are designed for both pressure and vacuum applications and have a side access port for easy maintanace. Typical filters require a service area above the filter housing which increases the height and cost of an enclosure. These models help make sound enclosures feasible and simplifies the maintenance process.
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Oil Mist Eliminators for Vacuum Pumps and Power Generator »

       5 types Oil Mist Eliminators for Vacuum Pump & Power Generations:

  • Vacuum Pump Discharge Eliminators: HDL Series - These heavy duty "L" style oil mist eliminators or oil mist exhaust filters are designed for the discharge of vacuum pumps. They capture oil fog, mist or smoke from the discharge of oil flooded pumps.
  • Mist Eliminators w/Relief Valve for Vacuum Pumps : EE Series - Designed for the laboratory and medical vacuum pumps, this compact oil mist eliminator has a back pressure relief valve to release the coalescing element for pump safety.
  • Vacuum Pump Separator Tanks : ATS Series - The complete oil mist separator package for vacuum pumps and vacuum pumping modules. It connects directly to the discharge of an oil sealed vacuum pump without the need for any other separator hardware.
  • Compact Eliminators for Small Vacuum Pumps : EF Series- Designed for the laboratory and medical vacuum pumps. This compact oil mist eliminator or oil mist exhaust filters captures oil fog, mist or smoke from the discharge of vacuum pumps.
  • Oil Mist Eliminators: Power Gen : BAE Series: Solbergs's oil mist eliminators are designed to prevent seal leakage, eliminate oil mist emissions and reduce oil consumption. These units also protect your gearbox, crankcase or oil lubrication system by eliminating pressure build-up in the system. These designs are commonly used on lubricating oil systems for high-speed rotating equipment, like gas turbines, steam turbines, turbo compressors, reciprocating engines and gearboxes. Comply with the latest RICE NESHAP Emission Standards.
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Pre Cleaners»

We offer a wide range of PreCleaners including the Plastic SpinMeister Precleaners; the Aluminum SpinMeister Precleaners and the SpinMeister Precleaners w/Low Pressure Drop Design designed for vacuum applications that need low pressure drop

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Filter Elements»

       5 types of Filter Elements including:

  • Standard Filter Elements: Full line of replacement elements for standard filter assemblies and many nonstandard and competitive elements available.
  • Specialty Media Elements: We have a variety of media for various applications including chemical adsorption, stainless steel elements, and chemical grade.
  • High Efficiency Elements: Wide variety of high efficiency replacement filter elements including HEPA and high efficiency polyester media.
  • Coarse Efficiency Elements: for those applications that need extra low pressure drop including coarse polyester and wire mesh elements.
  • High Temperature Elements: Filter elements are available that require high temperature media or element construction.
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Parts or Accessories»

We offer a wide range of Parts & Accessories for the Filter Unit.

These include Adapter Kits for Compressors that fit a variety of compressors (Asian, Italian, Fu-Shang, Curtis-Toledo, Powerex, Schulz); Prefilters used to extend the life of our filter elements; Gauges for Filter Monitoring; Replacement Parts for Filter Assemblies and Metal Mounting Bracket Bands for Vacuum Filters to mount to a wall or support legs.

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