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The Filtration Group Oil mist separators series LGA is a high-performance oil mist collector units for the separation of coolant mist from tooling machine exhaust air.

Cooling lubricants (oil or emulsions) are used under high pressure during industrial machining and forming operations in modern machine tools. As a result, more oil mist and emulsions are released into the air. To ensure that the aerosol level of the maximum workplace concentration (MAK) value is not exceeded, the cooling lubricant mist must be reliably and continually extracted from the work area of the machines and cleaned. Conventional systems frequently struggle with this task.

Preventing “thick air” and damage  - High aerosol concentrations in production may be harmful to the employees‘ health and result in absences and discomfort. Similarly, damage may be incurred to electronic devices, precision
machinery, ventilation systems, and the building structure.

Promoting a productive working environment: Filtration Group LGA series

Filtration Group oil mist separator units efficiently protect the employees, resources, and production locations from cooling lubricant mists, thereby contributing to increased productivity. With their highly efficient coalescer principle, they achieve separation rates for non-water-soluble cooling lubricants and cooling lubricant emulsions far
below the legally stipulated air quality limit values. The units run reliably and have economical maintenance intervals as well as service lives of up to 2 years, even at very high untreated raw-gas loads. Upgrade your systems to meet future requirements and incorporate modern Filtration Group filtration technology in your planning right from the start, to ensure up-to-date occupational health and safety, effective protection of the environment, and greater productivity.

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