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Filtration Group (Formerly MAHLE Industrial Filtration) Automatic Metal Edge Filters»

Filter solutions for cooling lubricants.

Our automatic filters ensure automatic cleaning and disposal operations in metalworking. In metalworking and processing, over 90 percent of the cooling lubricants in use must be cleaned in order to be able to meet the high quality requirements of the workpieces being machined, and to run production processes without interruption. For economical and safe treatment of all kinds of cooling lubricants for metal machining operations, as well as for rolling and drawing oils in sheet metal forming, we provide an extensive range of fluid filters—individually tuned solutions for your application. 

Filtration Group automatic filters allow rational non-stop operations with no downtime—with automatic cleaning and disposal operations. They clean most efficiently using internal-pressure segment cleaning or compressed-air segment cleaning, and meet the most strict environmental regulations.


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Non-Woven Coolant Filter Paper Roll»

Our supply of nonwovens Filter media cover a wide range of different products with defined material properties, be it chemically, thermally or mechanically bonded, impregnated, lined or laminated, or in rolls or cut to size. 

Nonwovens offering special properties are also developed together with our customers who represent nearly all industrial branches: ideas, impulse and innovations for a material with unlimited possibilities.

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Single Filter»

Designed for use as full-flow or partial-flow filters and for the low pressure range up to 25/60 bar, medium pressure up to 210 bar and high pressure up to 450 bar, Filtration Group pressure filters are ideal for use as main-line filters, flange-mounted filters, and filters in intermediate plate configurations. Rubust casings, streamlined design, and an extensive range of accessories provide the optimal solution capable of meeting every market requirement.

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Filtration Group (Formerly MAHLE Industrial Filtration) Duplex Filter»

With patented single-hand operation and zero leakage switching of media flow, Filtration Group duplex filters offer excellent economy. In the low and medium pressure range or as return-line filters, capable of continuous operation 24/7, maintenance work can be carried out during operation, thus ensuring that the filters' contamination retention ability is fully utilized.

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Spark Erosion»

Filter and elements for very fine filtration of oils and coalant fluids. Manufactured with high efficiency filter medias, with a filtration rate down to 1 micron wich will retain microscopic pollution particles. Paticularly suitable for grinding machines, spark erosion machines, machine tool coolant systems.


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