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Resin-Bonded Polyester Filter Cartridges - Chemically Compatible with a Wide Range of Fluids and Gases

Resin-Bonded Polyester Filter Cartridges for High Volume Filtration of Fluids & Gases. These are Depth-type Cartridges with High Dirt Holding Capacity and Chemically Compatible with a Wide Range of Fluids and Gases.

The Nowata "NP" Trapper filter cartridge, which fit most medium micron applications, are constructed of polyester fibers impregnated with a bonding resin and polymerized with heat. This unique process creates an inexpensive, strong coreless, depth-type cartridge with high dirt holding capacity and good chemical compatibility. These dark brown cartridges, sometimes referred to as "Horse Hair" or "Oilfield" cartridges, are our most popular and most versatile cartridges. Nowata filter cartridges work with most fluids & gases in many high volume filtration applications

Applications : -

Fresh Water
Salt Water
Ethylene Glycol
Natural Gas
Hydraulic Fluid
Lubricating Oil
Plus a Variety of Other Liquids and Gases