Products - Mobile Filter


Features :

High performance filter unit for modern hydraulic and lubrication systems.

  • Simple filling and cleaning of hydraulic and lubrication systems
  • Sturdy and stable, flexible handling thanks to a frame with wheels and folding carrying handle, even stairs present no obstacle (like a case trolley)
  • Folding down the handle allows the unit to be carried in one hand
  • Low-noise internal gear pump with drive shaft mounted in double bearings and integrated pressure relief valve
  • Complete with intake and delivery hose, suction lance with coarse screen
  • Integrated oil drip pan
  • Minimum power loss thanks to high efficiency and optimum flow design of the components
  • Maintenance indicator (pressure gauge)
  • Equipped with highly efficient Filtration Group Sm-x spin-on cartridges Beta rated elements according to ISO 16889 multipass test
  • Elements with high dirt holding capacity thanks to large filter surface
  • Achievement of defined purity classes
  • Easy to service
  • Worldwide distribution