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Oil Filter Module for Gearboxes & Lubrication Systems»

The new oil filter module for gearboxes and lubrication systems: Pi 8300—compact and ready to connect

For gearbox oil maintenance (main and auxiliary flow), and for lubrication systems in wind power systems, Filtration Group has developed an innovative, compact oil filter module that permanently increases the cost-effectiveness and durability of the hydraulic and gearbox aggregates. The system consists of a filter block with an electric motor, gear pump, filter housing with a highefficiency 2-stage filter element, pressure-limiting valve, return check valve, and maintenance indicator. It is available in two variants, with volume flow rates of 110 L/min. and 220 L/min.

Complete oil filter module

In combination with an oil cooler, the oil filter module Pi 8300 ensures optimal filtration and oil cooling in a complete system, for low-wear, easy-to-maintain operation of gearboxes used in wind power systems.

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Contamination Measuring»

Mobile, easy-to-handle measuring instruments incorporating various measuring procedures allow rapid analysis and measurement of hydraulic fluid contamination. Calibrated to ISO 11171:1999 and evaluated to ISO 4406:1999 and NAS 1638, the Filtration Group PiC 9100 portable contamination measuring device records, identifies, and registers all particles in both suction and impeller mode and provides a reliable display of absolute particle numbers and cleanliness classes. An essential piece of equipment for maintenance and service!

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Water Detection & Removal»

Coalescer filter

Coalescer filter have been specially designed to remove free water from hydraulic circuits. Costeffective and simple in design, it functions without absorption material: Special filter materials in a special configuration retain the small water droplets floating in the medium and remove them.

Turbidity sensor PiT 400

The presence of free water in hydraulic fluids results in turbidity, impeding the proper functioning of the entire system and reducing the service life of the hydraulic fluid and of the circuit components. The PiT 400 sensor has been designed to identify the ingress of water in a circuit, rapidly and reliably. The PiT 400 can be applied in all fluid-based circuits where there is a risk of contamination by water.

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Dessicant Air Conditioners»

Condensation in reservoirs

Hydraulic and lubricating oils must be kept free from contamination and water. Most fluid reservoirs need to be able to breathe, which allows water vapour and solid contaminants to enter. Temperature fluctuations in the reservoir cause this water vapour to condense which not only causes oxidation of the oil, but can also lead to considerable mechanical damage.

Filtration and drying: a single process

Standard air breathers remove some of the solid particles but allow water vapour in the air to pass freely. The RMF 'Air conditioner' deals effectively with both so reservoirs can breath clean, dry air. The air is first dried by passage through a column packed with Z-R gel granules. The dried air is then passed through a pleated synthetic fibre filter element (replaceable spin-on type) where solid particles are removed, so that the air reaching the reservoir is both clean and dry.


The uptake of moisture can be observed by the change in colour of the indicator granules in the Z-R gel. They turn from ruby-red (active) to a light orange (replace) The Z-R gel granules are completely replaceable, non toxic and non carcinogenic. The operation of the air filter can be monitored by an optional 'filter minder'.

Active coal

RMF 'Air conditioners' can be fitted with a combination of Z-R gel and active coal. The active coal will eliminate oil vapour and the smell, it will also prevent the Z-R gel from being contaminated with this oil damp.

Benefits RMF 'Air conditioner'
- Reducing water contamination level prolongs the life of the additive package and reduces oxidation of the oil and bearing surfaces
- Eliminates rusting due to condensation
- Reduces machine downtime
- Extends the machine's useful life
- Reduces cost of ownership


RMF 'Air conditioners' can be used on hydraulic power units, lube and oil tanks, gearboxes, diesel fuel tanks, storage tanks for biodegradable fluids.

Industries that are successfully applying 'Air conditioners' include: steel industry, aviation industry, forestry industry, pulp & paper industry, cement industry and petrochemical industry.

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