Products - Contamination Measuring

Portable Particle Counter PiC 9300: max. nominal pressure 315 bar (4480 psi)

  • Rugged portable unit for quick and simple particle analysis on site
  • Simple menu-driven operation via touch screen
  • Laser sensor with for exact and reproducible results
  • Demountable tank for the measured fluid with overflow safety device
  • Suitable for suction side- and pressure side operation
  • Integrated suction pump patented double pump system, viscosity and pressure independent flow control
  • Prior to each measurement automatic flushing of the gauge head
  • Long term measurements
  • Adjustable measuring mode (single and cyclic measurements)
  • Manual flush valve for quick internal hose flushing
  • Calibration according to ISO 11171: 1999 (NIST)
  • Analysis according to ISO 4406: 1999
  • Measuring range 4 µm(c), 6 µm(c), 14 µm(c)
  • Analysis according to SAE AS 4059
  • Measuring range 4 µm(c) – 70 µm(c) in 6 channels
  • Indication of the absolute numbers of particles in all channels
  • Timer
  • Definable measuring series
  • USB and serial interface for further data processing via PC
  • Integrated large printer (114 mm) for printing of clearly presented measuring data
  • Worldwide distribution
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